Z-Kickz High Top

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"For those who like to shimmy, shake and show off their style, the brand new lightweight Z-Kickz High Top takes your moves to new places. There are dancing shoes, performance shoes, casual sneakers, and more - but nothing compares to the Z-Kickz High. When you whip around the dance floor (or even the grocery store) there’s no better way to make your statement of style as fun, funky and fashion forward. It’s the same amazing functionality you’ve come to love with our classic Z-Kickz with a kicked up, can’t miss new style! Nylon ripstop material on the upper shell of the shoe makes sure nothing can snag and tear you away from your smooth moves; while the EVA rubber sole lets you break it down comfortably and easily. So shimmy, shake, and get ready to show off (you dance-floor diva, you!)."


  • Woven Zumba® logo on tongue
  • Reflective signature logos on panels for a little glitz to match your glamour
  • 3-pack of your new favorite shoelaces in white, black, and Zumba® Green
  • Nylon Ripstop upper shell for durability
  • Synthetic Patent leather
  • EVA rubber sole for comfort and mobility