Stellar Samba Cargo Pants

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The cargos you love are back and bolder than ever! Get down with double tassels that bring a touch of colour contrast to the table (and dance floor, of course). What makes them so awesome? Maybe it's the wear-it-your-way pant legs that let you keep 'em baggy, tie 'em up in a snap, or gather them at the bottom for more of a loose look? Is it the encased elastic waistband built for comfort? Sure, that could be it. Or, maybe it's that our cargos now have two sets of tassels for a little extra movement while you break it down. Then again, we know that the only thing that makes these cargos awesome is you!


• Colour blocked stretch waistband for added support and comfort
• Colour contrasting double tassel straps on back and side pocket
• Inner ribbon and snap for optional leg roll-up
• Feeling like a million dollars comes standard


  • 100% Nylon

Style #Z1B00121